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"The play features two nuanced, well-developed performances by Alfred Gingold and Laurence Cantor, both of whom help to make Day Old Bread the clear highlight of the evening."

– NY Theatre Review of the East Village Theater Festival

"Gingold’s performance is as steady as a metronome, focused and commanding."

– Critic New York’s Review of Pinocchio’s Ashes

"The wistful dignity with which Mr. Gingold imbues Danny, Lane’s husband, is touching."

– NY Times review of Old Love, New Love at Luna Stage

"Gingold is methodical and desperate for passion in a perfect balance of longing and traditional English sensibility. "

– Jordon Swisher, Theater Is Easy review of Equus

"Alfred Gingold, as Polonius, had the richest voice of all the actors and played this very concerned father as good-natured rather than as the usual doddering fool."

– Joel Benjamin, Theater Pizzazz, review of Frog & Peach’s Hamlet

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