I filmed my scene in this short (12 minutes) movie, the wonderfully titled Posthumanismaniarama!, in 2013. Had a fine time playing a Steve Jobs-like character unveiling his latest creation to a waiting world (my scene starts at about 2:10), and the whole project turned out very well, as you can see here.

The Web series I filmed a couple of years ago had turned into a film! Home Cooked News is available here. You can watch a little preview of it here.

Here's some information about me:
I resumed acting, my first love, eight years ago. I've appeared in plays, movies, Webisodes, a French anti-smoking PSA, some industrials and a couple of commercial spots. I've also narrated ten audiobooks, which are available on .

Prior to 2008, I worked primarily as a writer. My first book, Items From Our Catalog (Avon, 1982), was a New York Times Best Seller, as was my second, More Items From Our Catalog. I’ll be releasing the audio version of my most recent book, Dog World and the Humans Who Live There (Broadway, 2005), later this year.

I live in Brooklyn with my wife, Helen Rogan, and our dog, Gracie.

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