Latest news:

Excited to be playing Claudius in Hamlet at the Inwood Shakespeare Festival. We open June 3 and play Wednesdays-Saturdays through June 20th at Inwood Hill Park. It's a beautiful setting and admission is free. Come see us!

Recently completed shooting the first episodes of a continuing (and very funny) Web series, HomeCookedTV. We should be going online any day now, at which point the HomeCookedTV Website will be more than a placeholder.

My latest audiobook, Stitch by Richard Stern, is available now at Audible.

Slightly older news: In 2013, I played Martin Dysart in Equus at the Gallery Players in Brooklyn. It's a great role in a wonderful play and the production, directed by Mark Gallagher, turned out really well. Here's what one reviewer said about my performance: "Gingold is methodical and desperate for passion in a perfect balance of longing and traditional English sensibility."

Just before doing Equus, I played Polonius in the Frog & Peach Theatre Company's production of Hamlet. Here's a piece of a review: "However, it was Alfred Gingold as Polonius who absolutely stole the show. Beautifully natural as a father and counselor, he was at once gripping and hilarious in his delivery. I could have listened to him for hours."

Here's some information about my background:

In 2008, I resumed acting after many years of doing other things. Since then, I've appeared in plays, movies, Webisodes, a French anti-smoking PSA and a couple of commercial spots. I've also narrated nine audiobooks, all of which are available on

Prior to 2008, I worked mostly as a writer. My first book, Items From Our Catalog (Avon, 1982), was a New York Times Best Seller, as was my second, More Items From Our Catalog. Subsequent books include Snooze: The Best of Our Magazine (with John Buskin), The House Trap, Fire in the John, Snafu University: America’s Oldest Safety School and Dog World and the People Who Live There.

My wife, Helen Rogan, and I wrote The Cool Parents’ Guide to New York (City & Company, 1996) and Brooklyn’s Best (City & Company, 1998). The Cool Parents’ Guide, now published by Rizzoli, is currently in its fourth edition.

I live in Brooklyn with my wife and son and our dog, Gracie.

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